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Here Are the Episodes of HO Thomas & friends         Enjoy!


Thomas & Neville

The First Episode, a Redo of Thomas and the New Engine


Thomas & the Brakedown Crane

Here is a Redo of when Thomas prooved to be Really Useful


Thomas Goes to York Part 1

One Day Thomas is Told that He can Go on show At York Railway Museum But will things run Smoothley?


Cab Over Wheels

Wilbert The Forest Engine Comes to Cover for Percy and Tells Thomas and Toby about an Engine called Sixteen who soon learned a lesson.


Sparky - Halloween Special

Thomas and Percy have to Do a job at the Scrapyard But they Find That they arn't the only ones there!


HO Firework Fantisy

Since Stepney is a Visitor he feels left out, But Ross brakes down when he is pulling the fireworks so Stepney rushes to the Rescue


HO 2006 Xmas Special - PART 1

HO 2006 Xmas Special - PART 2

Peter Sam, Fetches Thomas' Plough, Diesel Causes Disaster, and Thomas slips on the tracks and gets Dunked in the Mud, What a Xmas!


Thomas goes to York Part 2

Part Two of Thomas' Visit to York, another fright happens but something good always turns up


GNER Gordon Part 1

GNER Gordon Part 2

GNER Gordon Part 3

Gordon Visits the North East of England meeting new friends and seeing new sites, though he comes face to face with one of his fears. Find out what happens!


HO Washout

Another Book Redo Special based on the 2nd story in Thomas Comes Home with a horiffic twist.     Including an Exellent Narraration by Thomas James Biddle


HO Packet Of Lard and Cream

Oh how hell Life is when the Fat Controller gets Healthy Food, And you dont want to get in his way, as poor Thomas found out :P

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