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The New Movie Trailer Link

a New Movie due to start releasing in April and to be finished in August, heres the cast and the trailer says it all

Thomas = Henryblue
Percy = Blue Pioneer
Gordon = Freddie7
Henry = Blue Pioneer
James = HenryBue
Toby = harvey27
Diesel 10 = MousePound
Oliver = Dan5589
Diesel = trainmaster58
Fat Controller = Freddie7
Ian = Ianfox
The Big thingy = Combine harvester
Jimmy = Warrior
Sasha = harvey27
Sarah = Hornbyfan
Driver 2 = NewShapeHenry
Annie and Clarabel = raythetrainengine
Candy Bar = HenryBlue
Peter Sam = Blue Pioneer
Duke = HenryBlue
Sir Handel = Camtaz
Cranky = Freddie7

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